Because of the creation of internet technology, the Communication Revolution that we’re in the middle of has truly acquired ground. Dedicated web services have finally made it feasible to ply the internet in a click and from almost any remote corner around the globe. It’s within this pursuit living Pages, Mumbai, India has designed its application programming interfaces.

The net APIs for website hosting are now being provided onto an worldwide rostrum using a network that’s both unique and highly versatile. Live Pages addresses all Internet-based requested services included in an extensive package. The numerous web services provided include:

• Domain registration protocol and application

• Dedicated Internet search engine optimization

• Online marketing services

• Use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol

• Utilization of Extensible Markup Language

• PUT, GET and DELETE HTTP methodologies

They are but simply a couple of of the numerous internet based needs and upgrades being addressed by Live Pages. It is now imperative for commercial applications on the internet to purchase Big Web Services (Simple Object Access Protocol standardizations) in addition to REST-ful (RE-presentational Condition Transfer operational) Web Services. For this finish, Live Pages functions like a one-stop shop solution for the internet business needs. Webservices provided by the organization have been in sync using the Java and.Internet frameworks – Spring, Apache Axis2 and CXF.

The business’s service-oriented online architecture is replete with support integrated services. Situated in Mumbai, India, Live Pages offers domestic and worldwide clientele web services that permit combinations for multitasking and enriched online presence. Composite web services are regularly updated and in this manner, Live Pages partners the internet endeavor. Well in front of competitors, the business’s core management team flaunts control of exception handling and interoperable interaction more than a vast network.

Live Pages continues to be facilitating the extensive utilization of web-related standards to satisfy product and dominion demands. They addresses both manipulated representations of sources and arbitrary web services. Dedicated Internet Search Engine Optimization is addressed with respect to individual clients individually and particularly. The ‘one cap fits all’ approach has lengthy been substituted with the ‘uniqueness thrives’ attitude that each endeavor is billed with. Live Pages has completely redefined website hosting services, empowering many a web-based venture with features and characteristics that provide distinct online presence.