In recent years have seen the rise in the number of people using natural cosmetics, especially those passing to mineral makeup. The advantages of mineral makeup were discussed from afar and the majority of women at least tried them once.

The mineral makeup is light and therefore a very good alternative to the types of heavy conventional makeup. Although it is true that mineral-based makeup works wonders for most skin types, it may not really suit everyone.

Let’s look at both sides of the coin because there are advantages and disadvantages of each product on the market. Although the advantages of using mineral makeup are much more than the disadvantages, it helps to be aware of the two. This leads to being able to make an informed choice.

Advantages of mineral makeup

• Natural base: since the mineral products are all based on ingredients found in the core of the earth, they are all natural. The use of any natural product as opposed to a chemical has already been advantageous to be beneficial for the skin. This makes mineral cosmetics the perfect choice for everyone.

• Lightweight and non-sticky: because the mineral makeup is based on powder and is lightweight, it does not lead to the strongly constituted look. The pure cover it provides help your skin shine without having to stack too much makeup.

• Sun properties: Mineral products are natural and effective solar screens because the powder particles help challenge the sun’s rays. Contents such as titanium oxide and iron oxide also act as effective solar protection, save your skin with the harmful effects of sun exposure, such as premature wrinkles and dark spots.

• Anti-inflammatory ingredients: Most mineral products contain an ingredient called zinc oxide, which is an excellent anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory agent. This very mineral make-up property makes it very safe to use for almost all skin types, especially for people allergic to chemicals.

Disadvantages of mineral makeup

• Different brands, different ingredients: All brands of mineral cosmetics may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin, as some brands can sell products containing chemicals or preservatives. This could cause skin rashes for some people, so be sure to check the ingredients listed in the product before you buy it. In addition, some brands do not include solar properties in their makeup range, so make sure you choose a brand that guarantees the same thing.

• higher cost: mineral cosmetics is normally more expensive than classical makeup. Although the advantages of mineral makeup definitely make it possible to be invested, most of us may not be able to afford to make this type of makeup completely.