Everyone with children dreams of having close and sustainable relationships between parents and children. Being a parent does not necessarily mean that you will have great children’s relationships.

As with all relationships, they take a significant amount of work to develop and stay strong for the long term. There is no relationship in the world that can be guaranteed to resist the test of time, but following these parental tips, you will have a better chance of success with your precious children.

Choose the good glue

Too many people believe that liaison with their children is over when they are out of layers. The truth is that parents and children continue to bind throughout their lives. Sitting together, cuddling and quality quality expenses should not stop because the child has learned to use the toilet.

All relationships develop and change over time, but using the right binding officer will help it last a lifetime. Love mixed with respect, care, fun, understanding and trust is the perfect recipe for creating an endless link for relationships between parents.

Just play people

One of the best ways to know what’s going on in your child’s life is to take the time to play with them. PLAYTIME allows them to connect, have fun and strengthen the mother relationship without even working there. Being a parent does not need to be all rules and discipline. The best relationships are forged by the game.

Time of discussion

So many people are simply too busy worrying about what’s going on with their professional life to take the time to ensure that their family relationships are in good shape. Let’s admit it; As a lot of people arrive at work, they simply feed, bathe and put their children in bed. Do people really think this way of life will create a strong bond between parents and children?

One of the keys to a child sustainable mother relationship is communication. Talking with your children and really listen to what they have to say is important. Your child can take a little more time to express his feelings or problems, but be a parent, you must be ready to put everything aside and pay special attention to him. Allowing it to communicate with you with you freely and completely on anything in the sun will help establish an obligation that can not be broken.

Do not spoil the child

The appropriate behavior is important for parents and children need to know their borders. Many parents prefer to avoid recognizing and correcting inappropriate behavior than taking time and energy to correct it. This causes the child to run with the child and, in force, shows the child that parents do not care about his behavior or to ensure that he grows to become a responsible member of society.

Discipline should be treated by parents and children who have guidelines and rules thrive better than those that do not do it. Children respect their parents when they set rules and thus, the child’s relationship prosperous because of them.

Unruly children do not show respect for others or the ownership or feelings of others. Just and fair discipline helps to delimit the roles of parents and children and allows everyone to have true respect for the other. Without discipline, the family will be in a world of problems in the future. Remember that the discipline shows your children you love and really care.