Here’s why you should avoid picking favourites!

Among the most common wagers are those where you must pick one football team over another and then decide if that particular team will win straight up by either being ahead by six points or more at halftime, after three quarters, or if they’ll even be able to win at all during regulation time.

Team schedule

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to look at the schedule of each team and then decide which one is better. Between two teams that have similar records and stats, you should probably go with the one who will be playing at home.

Another popular bet is to pick a team based on their overall record. If they’ve won more games than they’ve lost over the whole season, you’re betting that they’ll win this game too, or vice versa if they’re losing more games than they are winning.

Point spreads

Again, remember that it might not always pay off to pick the same team all the time when there are so many other factors. This is something you can also do with point spreads: instead of picking a certain team every week for the spread, just pick the side with higher numbers.

This typically works best during the playoffs when teams’ overall records are pretty close to each other and you could have the same situation as above where a team is playing at home or on the road.

Picking favourites

In most cases, picking favourites will end up being risky because they can lose more easily to an underdog, but this also means they’ll win quicker against opponents who might be getting overconfident.

Whether or not you’re betting on football, it’s always good to remember that you don’t have to make smart decisions all of the time; if something works for you then go ahead and stick with it as long as your conscience allows (it won’t last forever).

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