Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) is really a Multi-level Marketing company that provides a number of services and products varying from beauty and health products to entertainment and communications. Prior to getting into more more knowledge about the organization, I wish to allow it to be obvious that i’m not really a repetition. and I am not associated with them by any means. Attractive prices, and also the ability for purchasers to use companies they are fully aware and trust like Verizon Wireless Carrier and Dish Network, is definitely an attractive feature of the organization for people completely new to multilevel marketing and seasoned vets of the profession. As the goods are not unique, they’re very generally utilized by many people that are good selling points for the organization.

FHTM began by Paul Orberson who had been a really effective repetition in another multilevel marketing company where distributors earned their commissions by getting customers replace their telephone service. Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing utilizes exactly the same business design, but provides multiple services for purchasers to change to. Distributors earn recurring commissions between 2 and 20% with respect to the service or product the client purchases. Additionally there’s a $100 customer acquisition bonus compensated for getting other new distributors into the organization. Just like any multilevel marketing company, the important thing to some earning a considerable earnings would be to create a company of tons of consumers with time.

FHTM has two entry ways. The very first option costs $299 which position is known as Manager. The 2nd choice is known as a trainer/coach position and charges yet another $299 (reps can upgrade anytime.) Trainer/coaches earn an additional $40 for doing fitness with anybody within their downline. The organization provides numerous overrides and bonuses as distributors progress the ranks as well as supplies a new Lexus to top reps every three years.

FTHM has already established legal issues both in North Dakota in ’09 and Montana this year. The organization settled both matters, consider generating revenue like a repetition is extremely determined by recruiting a sizable sales organization this could have a negative effect on earnings. The web makes information easily available and potential recruits and customers could locate fairly easily info on what the law states suits that could dissuade them from using the services of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing distributors.