Casino bonus – What’s going on? Is anyone enough to give you money for free? Of course, and pigs fly!

You see, people running online casinos are actually quite intelligent (no, do not laugh). They know that giving an online casino bonus will not only attract more people to their casinos, but they will also gain money.

And do not think it’s a new idea. Terrestrial casinos around the world use “freebies” to attract people to play their casinos. Think of free drinks, rooms, etc. that the casinos offer.

How can online casinos make money from giving money? Casino bonus offers are structured so that you can only remove it from the casino after playing a number of hands / rollers / spins. The casinos know that few people will have any of the amount of bonus left at the end of these hands / rollers / spins, which never bother you from the total amount. In addition, they have probably lost their own deposit in the process!

Most people playing online casinos are either fun players or they do not have a strategy or both! These people are the cornerstone of a casino because they have no idea how to overcome the advantage that the casino has overcome.

Each casino game has a house edge (the average% benefit than a casino made from a game). The only way to overcome the edge of the house is to enter the casino with a work strategy.

But let’s go back to our discussion on casino bonuses.

In fact, for the whole bad press, casino bonuses are very useful. You will not be rich using them (unless you win the jackpot!), But armed with a little knowledge, it’s an easy way to make extra money.

Before registering with an online casino based on their last casino bonus, you must read the terms and conditions for their promotions. Obviously, all terms and conditions are important, but you really want to consult the following 3 elements:


In simple terms, it’s the amount of money you need to bet before you can remove the bonus. This is normally expressed as a multiple of your deposit and your bonus.

Example: The required requirement is 20 times, you drop $ 100 and get a $ 100 bonus. Therefore, you must bet a total of $ 4,000 before you can remove the $ 100 bonus. You can remove your deposit at any time.

Excluded Games

Very important! Some games are excluded from fulfilling the requirements of setting. These are usually the games that have the edge of the lowest house, including roulette, craps and blackjack and all their variants.

However, if you spend some time and you are looking for casinos that will include one or more of these games in setting requirements.

Removal conditions

Some casinos have withdrawal conditions to remove the bonus. Even if you have completed the requirements of bet, you must always comply with certain conditions. These may deposit a minimum amount of money to remove your gains only after reaching a certain amount.

These additional conditions mainly concern free casino bonuses (where you do not have to deposit money to get a casino bonus). But beware, there are some casinos where these conditions apply to normal deposit matching bonuses.


In order to do some money online casino bonuses, you have * to follow a proven strategy. Your goal is to pass through the requirements of betting without losing too much bonus. In this way, you have your initial deposit plus a bonus amount that you can withdraw to make a good profit.