One of the most feared situations that players would not like to face the game of Blackjack, it’s when the dealer draws a blackjack – and prevents all other players from winning, even if they have blackjack themselves . However, casinos offer a way out by allowing you to go or take insurance and prevent you from losing all your bet to the reseller’s blackjack.

The redemption option is given because many players are still inexperienced in the game and will probably go on hands like 12 or 13. But like any other blackjack strategy, you must learn how to properly use capitulation options and Insurance or you will end up wasting a lot of your money.

What does it mean to go to blackjack

You can make your hand after treating your first two cards and you can do it in two ways. You can verbally indicate to the dealer that you go to hand or perform a signal using your hand, in particular by putting your finger on the layout and moving it from right to left – a preferred signal by the most casinos. You then lose your chances of playing the hand and the dealer will immediately take half of your bet.

All casinos do not offer the assignment, it would be better to quickly look at the rules card or ask the dealer if the option is allowed. It may seem out like a way out of a coward, but the proper use of capitulation can increase your chances of getting away from your money instead of losing all of this on the tables.

When putting your hand back

The most obvious reason to go is when you have a slim chance to win your hand. If chances are definitely not in your favor, it would be logical to lose only half of your bet instead of losing everything. The echalic rule when you give up, it is when your chances of winning are less than 25%, which means that the casino has 50% or more chance to win your hand and get all your bet. The following hands are hands you should get to:

• If you are treated with a 16 and the dealer has a card up a card of 9, 10, card or ACE
• If you are treated with a 15 and the dealer has a card up of a card of 10 or face

Do not make you when treated with a double pair of 15 or 16 or eight pairs. The ACE is counted as 11, but you can always add more cards without the fear of falling, even with a card of 10 or face. When the dealer has an ACE for a card up, you can not go before checking the blackjack. If there is no blackjack and you have 15 or 16 years, you can or do not go. However, this is not advisable because the end of the house at this point is not more than 50%.

What are the chances of winning insurance bets?

Insurance is an option that many blackjack players consider as an option where they will not lose money if the reseller attracts a natural blackjack. With insurance, players can recover their original bets and will not lose all that when the reseller attracts a blackjack. However, blackjack expert players say that insurance is bad for their chances of blackjack and should not be included as part of their Blackjack strategies.

The dealer must have a 10 in the hole to get a natural blackjack and to break you even with your insurance bet. The chances of this weaning are 31% in a unique bridge game. The chances that the dealer will not receive natural blackjack and that the other nine cards are 69%, which increases the chances of losing your insurance brewer.