When planning an event, you can choose many different revenue strategies to monetize your event and position it in your global marketing plan. A successful marketing strategy is to create an event “Assembly of Masters”. This type of event offers many positive advantages for you as an organizer, including the credibility of construction and providing excellent income flow.

What is an event “Assembly of Masters”?

An event “Assembly of Masters” is when you create an event that presents several masters of your niche. Each of these masters can provide key speeches, managing mini-conferences or sessions, or use the location of marketing their products. An event “Assembly of Masters” is a great draw from an audience, because so many talents are gathered together at an event. It can also provide you with a great way to position yourself in your niche, create a lucrative income stream and create credibility through the association.

Strengthen credibility by the association

When you organize an event “Assembly of Masters”, you are associated with these masters in the minds of your participants. By organizing such an event, you put yourself on an equal footing with these professionals in the field. If you choose to accommodate your own events in the future, you have automatic credibility as associated with these “masters” with your target audience. You also earn credibility as an organization and as a person who creates a valuable event by bringing together so many competent professionals for your participants.

Create income flow

Holding an event “Assembly of Masters” is a great way to create a flow of income using several different techniques. First, the event itself generates income. A masters assembly is an excellent draw for an audience interested in a specific niche and you can charge more for this type of event only for an event that can only contain one or a few speakers.

Second, you can organize a revenue division with the masters of all the products they sell during the event. Most masters will use an event like this as an opportunity to market their own products or services. Even a small income division gives you an additional stream of income, with virtually no work on your part.

Services marketing and construction of the list

When you organize an assembly of Event Masters, you have an automatic integrated marketing platform. The masters themselves promote these events to their lists. Even if your own list is small, the masters are promoting their lists, which dramatically increases your potential audience. You can use these events to quickly create your own lists, and then promote a receptive list of qualified prospects.

If you have decided to organize an event but you have not yet determined how this will fit into your global marketing strategy or how you will generate revenue, consider a masters assembly. This event is a great way for you to settle in your field on an equal footing with these masters and welcoming your own successful marketing events and sell your own products. These events are provided with an integrated audience and list construction services and provide excellent income flow for new event organizers.