Although airbrush makeup has been regardless of for decades, it has become popular only a few years ago. You can find many differences between traditional makeup and airbrush makeup. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will take a look at the difference between the two and the advantages offered by the makeup of the airbrush.

Makeup of airbrush vs. Regular makeup

This type of makeup is applied with an air compressor and a stylus to the airbrush. The air compressor is like the one used to apply spray tan. Typically, it is applied on a small scale as fog. So the product should be thinner than the regular foundation.

Although the air brush makeup is thinner, it’s an excellent choice to cover imperfections. And you will always look natural because your skin will always be able to breathe. In other words, with this type of makeup kit, your skin will be natural but professional.

Traditional makeup is the usual makeup that most people wear. It refers to products in the form of powder, cream or liquid. They are applied with the help of the fingers, sponges or brushes. Typically, the products are thicker but you can choose among many variations.

The benefits of airbrush makeup

Initial cost

As said earlier, airbrush makeup kits cost a little more than regular kits. However, these products are the test of time. Therefore, with the passage of time, these kits can help you save a lot of money.

Besides that, these kits can stay with you for years. So you do not have to spend money to buy a new kit.

Hygienic application

One of the main advantages of an airbrush makeup kit is that they are hygienic enough. Therefore, it is not necessary to touch the product because you will use the stylus to do the job. So you can keep bacteria, oil and dirt of your skin.

This product is an ideal choice for people whose skin is more prone to outbreaks. On the other hand, traditional makeup requires you to use your fingers, sponges and brushes.

In addition, the stylus is easy to clean. All you have to do is rinse and wipe. Some kits are also delivered with a cleaning solution that you can buy separately.

Natural and healthy appearance

Makeup haze seems natural, unlike traditional kits. There will be no spots or brushes on your skin. Since makeup is made in light layers, you will not have cooked look.

Breathable and light

According to most users, these kits feel very light. On the other hand, regular kits feel thicker and fat. It’s better for your skin too because it lets you breathe your skin and there will be no locking your pores. So, if you have a southern or sensitive skin of acne, you can use this product without any concern.