Ancient women took advantage of the ingredients found in nature and expressed their individual inner beauty

The history of makeup can be found in religious rituals as well as cultural folklois. The lips, the eyes and the face were known as elements that make up the window of the soul. Makeup was used to lift the mind. The use of natural ingredients to decorate the face has become a daily ritual that social cultures have evolved over the centuries.

The technology has improved since the time of Cleopatra and other women who have used the minerals found in nature to express their inner power and their beauty. Today, mineral makeup is considered the only way to dress the face for the world of waiting. The minerals are mined and refined; Then they are mixed, mixed and tested to produce make-up products without chemicals. Minerals made up of minerals does not contain preservatives or harmful substances that can penetrate into the blood and disrupt normal cell activity.

Minerals made up of minerals will not only stop facial eruptions that it will help cure skin conditions that affect the quality of life. The days of liquid cosmetics filled with harmful chemicals arrive to an end thanks to the mineral makeup.

The natural ingredients in mineral cosmetics change faces in the 21st century

Mineral cosmetics contain ingredients that complement skin cells rather than disrupt and destroy them. The main minerals for natural cosmetics are zinc oxide, mica, iron oxide and titanium dioxide. Kaolin Clay and Blue Ultramarine are also used for oily skin and add pigment to the skin.

Chemical-based make-up companies wake up and add some of these minerals to the inactive list of ingredients to take advantage of the popularity of mineral cosmetics, but the main ingredients can still have a negative impact on general health. a person and well being.

Makeup containing bismuth oxychloride, formaldehyde, propylparaben or methylparabens must be thrown. Chemical cosmetics that list the imidazolidinyl urea and the diazolidinyl urea, sodium laurylsulphate or synthetic colors as ingredients should also be avoided because all these chemicals can have a negative impact on skin cells or cells. other organs.

The list of mineral ingredients in today’s modern makeup is a short, but they occur as a group and highlight the positive and cover the negative without causing harmful side effects. Women who wear mineral cosmetics daily say they feel so natural that they forget they carry makeup. The mineral ingredients are gentle on the skin and they have the ability to cure all skin irritation caused by free radicals or weakened immune system.

Mineral makeup changes the cosmetic industry. It follows pores, protects the skin from the sun and absorbs the oil. These benefits alone give women the tranquility of mind to continue the ritual started by the beautiful women of yesteryear.