Matched betting, also known as a back bet, is a way of turning bookmakers’ odds to your advantage by placing the same stake on each leg of an event. A winning double pays out at events (or one time your stake); this means that you need to get both legs correct for your bet to break even.

There are other bets available that can make money from home {Tjene penger hjemmefra} on a booming double; however, these come with more significant stakes and can be more time-consuming than just doing an ordinary back/lay bet if you’re looking at placing lay bets but don’t know how to read my blog post on the basics of matched betting here.

How does matched betting work?

Matched betting, also known as “cash out,” is straightforward to do if you follow my blog posts or visit one of the numerous websites that offer matched betting guides. First, you register an account at one of the recommended bookmakers (several to choose from) and deposit funds. The minimum requirements will depend on which site you’re with, but you generally need a debit card or credit card attached to your bank account for verification purposes only.

How To Start Matched Betting?

The first step is making an account at one of the recommended sites. You will need a debit/credit card for verification purposes only (this means withdrawing money, later on, will not be possible). It’s recommended to use an existing card so you can withdraw your money at a later date.

The second step is to fund your account and place a bet that you stand to win. Again, you’ll need online sports betting account for this if you don’t have one already.

The third step is withdrawing the same amount of money as was deposited (you will not be able to withdraw anything until you make your first deposit). After completing the third step, your account will be “tracked.”

In conclusion, matched betting is straightforward, and I recommend making some extra cash on the side.